Dear friends,


It is universally accepted that in the last two years we are going through a health crisis, unprecedented for all of us. Major music events were postponed or sought to keep pace with other forms of events, such as online events, etc.

The Choral Society “Armonia” of Preveza with a particularly high sense of duty to protect public health, adapted the last 2 festivals accordingly, both in 2020 and 2021, maintaining on the one hand the high level of its events, and on the other hand paying attention to giving special importance to the health protocols, wanting to protect the health of the inhabitants of our area, as well as of the participating choirs. And so, we reach 2022 and our festival will celebrate 40 years of continuous supply in our city, in our country, in the global choral development.

For this reason, we decided to interlard it with two more events, thus completing the package of our choral events. So, this year we plan and will organize the following events within the framework of Preveza International Choral Festival:

  • The 40th International Choir Festival of Preveza, in which all kinds of choirs can participate, without repertoire restrictions, while concerts will be given in various cultural places in the region. It is an opportunity for participants to combine the enjoyment of a beautiful artistic event, while combining their vacation in an area that Forbes, as well as other international media rank in the top ten travel destinations for leisure.
  • The 26th International Choir Competition, which was canceled 2 years ago due to the pandemic. One of the most prestigious competitions in the world, which is famous for its reliability and validity internationally. The guarantors of this are the members of the international jury committee that make them up, musicians of world-renowned value and prestige, who, in addition to their appreciation for the level of each choir, constructively advise the choirs for their further development and advancement in the choir.
  • The 5th Seminar for Choir Conductors, where the participants are given the opportunity to further specialize their knowledge in choral practice, gaining new knowledge and practices from renowned conductors worldwide. At the same time, they are given the opportunity to practice this new knowledge, conducting the seminar choir, which is usually among the best choirs in the world.
  • This year for the first time we are organizing the 1st Choral Composition Competition and we invite all choral music composers from all over the world to participate. Our goal is to highlight new musical works, where the middle choir will be able to perform them. The winners, in addition to the joy of presenting their works at the festival, as well as a few other choirs at various events, will have the opportunity to publish their work in collaboration with a specific music production company, specialized in choral compositions. Also, the jury consists of the global best team of composers of choral music and choir conductors, which is a great honor for our organization.
  • Finally, we will organize just before the festival and the seminar and the 1st Competition for Choir Directors, a competition that will enable the participants to measure their strengths in real conditions, to work with renowned choirs in the area, and if not what else to give them a step towards their further development and promotion.

From the above, it is understood the great effort that will be made this year as well. We invite you to participate in the events and we will be happy to meet you up close in our beautiful city. Finally, we remind you that our festival is not for profit, it does not claim revenue from anywhere and all its events are free for the public.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!

Greetings to all!

The Organising Committee