Participating Choirs


Chamber choir “Lyra” from Buzău, Romania

The chamber choir “Lyra” was founded in 1974, by the initiative of some men from Buzău, who loved choral music, among whom there was the teacher Ștefan Stănescu, the conductor of the choir.
In these more than 42 years of ceaseless activity, “Lyra” has represented the Buzău town and even Romania at several festivals and contests with national and international participation. This famous activity has been based not only on the talent and love for music of its 40 member s, most of them being primary school or kindergarten teachers, but also on the conductor’s lifetime passion, Ștefan Stănescu, who has faithfully served this kind of music for more than 46 years.
Under his leading, “Lyra” has won important awards at national contests in many cities of Romania and also at some well-known festivals in France, Greece, Switzerland, Check Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy, Austria, FYROM, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, representing a great confirmation of the choir’s value, based both on the wealth of the repertoire, over 160 plays of great popularity from the Romanian and international contemporary music, and on the quality of the interpretation.
At the moment, the choir is sustained by the Cultural Centre “Alexandru Marghiloman” of Buzău town.The chamber choir “Lyra” was founded in 1974, by the initiative of some men from Buzău, who loved choral music, among whom there was the teacher Ștefan Stănescu, the conductor of the choir.
In these more than 42 years of ceaseless activity, “Lyra” has represented the Buzău town and even Romania at several festivals and contests with national and international participation. This famous activity has been based not only on the talent and love for music of its 40 member s, most of them being primary school or kindergarten teachers, but also on the conductor’s lifetime passion, Ștefan Stănescu, who has faithfully served this kind of music for more than 46 years.
Under his leading, “Lyra” has won important awards at national contests in many cities of Romania and also at some well-known festivals in France, Greece, Switzerland, Check Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Italy, Austria, FYROM, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Montenegro, representing a great confirmation of the choir’s value, based both on the wealth of the repertoire, over 160 plays of great popularity from the Romanian and international contemporary music, and on the quality of the interpretation.
At the moment, the choir is sustained by the Cultural Centre “Alexandru Marghiloman” of Buzău town.

Conductor: Ștefan Stănescu






Women’s choir “Bulgarian Voices Berlin” from Berlin, Germany

The women’s choir “Bulgarian Voices Berlin” was founded in 2009 by the Bulgarian conductor Boryana Velichkova. Its repertoire consists of both modern and authentic renditions of Bulgarian folklore songs and aims to promulgate the rich fabric Bulgarian musical culture. The 20 women of the ensemble come from different European countries and Australia and all live in Berlin. The choir has participated in multiple international projects (the “Berliner Festspiele”, “Fête da la musique”, “Carnival of cultures”, “Night of choirs”) and has an integral function in the modern multicultural music scene of Berlin. In 2015, Bulgarian Voices Berlin participated in the renowned international dance and folk festival of Rudolstadt, Germany and in 2016, they were invited to the world premiere of “Na Choroto”/ “Dance of voices” by Georgi Andreev. Currently the choir works on their third CD. For the recording, they have cooperated with the famous Bulgarian singer Neli Andreeva and the composer Nikolay Peev.

Conductor: Boryana Velichkova - Murati






 Mecsek Kórus from Pécs, Hungary

The Mecsek Choir was established in 1957 as the choir of Pécs. Among the a cappella works the choir has realized several oratorical concerts with the Pannon Philharmonic Orchestra. The choir has won 1st Prizes in Cantonigros (2004), Olomouc (2005), Budapest (2006), Trnava (2007) and Warsaw (2015). In 2009 the choir won the KÓTA-Prize and the Special Prize of the Hungarian Kodály Association.
The choir numbers 40 members. Since 2016 the choir has been directed by Sándor Balatoni. In 2016 the choir won the Laureate cum laude Prize at the 2nd International Choir Festival in Budapest and 1st Prize at the “Croatia Cantat”.
Dr. Sándor Balatoni was born in Pécs in 1983. He finished his doctoral studies at the University of Pécs and the Eastman School of Music, NY, USA. He has won several prizes as an organist, (i.e. the Junior Prima Prize in 2012, the Fulbright Scholarship in 2014). He is an assistant professor at the University of Pécs, the leader of the Pius Choir, and the Mecsek Choir. In 2016 he won the Conductor’s Special Prize at the Croatia Cantat and was awarded the Csorba Prize for his work as a composer. In 2017 he won 1st Prize for his composition from the European Choral Association.

Conductor: Sándor Balatoni






 The Český Krumlov Children’s Choir “Medvidata“ from Český Krumlov, Czech Republic

The Český Krumlov Children’s Choir “Medvidata“ was established in 1995, at the Elementary Art School of the same town, which entered the UNESCO World Heritage list in 1992.
It now comprises of more than 250 singers in four different sections. During its existence, the choir has organized more than 500 public performances and over 1500 children have participated in. Its repertoire covers a wide range of folk and classical songs from the Renaissance to contemporary pieces with an emphasis on the 20th century Czech composers, as well as Negro spirituals or stylish arrangements of popular music. The choir has gathered a number of successes on festivals and competitions at home as well as in many other European countries (eg. Neerpelt 2014 - 1st prize Cum Laude, Llangollen 2015 - 2nd and 3rd prize, Cantonigros 2011 - 3rd prize…) and has participated in festivals abroad (Verona 2006, Stockholm 2013, Alta Pusteria (Italy) 2016, Budapest 2017...) but also in the Czech Republic.
The Český Krumlov Children’s Choir “Medvidata“ has already co-organized a number of Vltavské Cantare Choir festivals. The choir has recorded six CDs and has premiered a number of Czech original compositions. At the piano the choir is accompanied by Michael Bartoš and it is directed by Lukáš Holec.
Lukáš Holec was born in 1969 in Prachatice. He has studied in the pedagogical department of South-Bohemian University in České Budějovice. He has been teaching choir – singing, classical guitar and music theory at the Elementary Art School of Český Krumlov since 1992 and music thoery at the grammar school of the same area. Also, he has taught cultural history at the Historical institute of the South-Bohemian University for 12 years. He has directed the Česká píseň choir (Prachatice), the St. Vitus church choir (Český Krumlov) and the Český Krumlov Children’s Choir since its establishment in 1995

Conductor: Lukáš Holec






 Misgav Vocal Ensemble from Misgav, Israel

The Misgav Vocal Ensemble specializes in singing Israeli folk music, which has been influenced by immigrants from all corners of the world. Most of the songs in our repertoire were written in Israel, although some are translations of songs from other cultures. The songs selected for our repertoire are typified by rich and complex arrangements that emphasize the vocal ability of our ensemble.
The choir is made up of members of the local community who enjoy their weekly rehearsals and musical involvement. It performs regularly for the local community as well as traveling throughout the country to participate in choir festivals and concerts. Also they have performed in several countries abroad (France, Spain, Hungary and Italy). Throughout the years, they have been awarded several prizes:
- Second place, in the national competition “Folksongs of Israel”
- Gold medal, at the annual Mila Choir Association competition
- Second place, at the Slovakia International Folk Festival, Bratislava, Slovakia, 2017
The ensemble is conducted by Dr. Nadav Ziv who holds a doctorate in composition from Bar Ilan University in Israel. An accomplished musician and composer, Dr. Ziv conducts adult and youth vocal and instrumental ensembles and teaches music at several colleges and high schools. His prize winning instrumental and vocal compositions have been performed and recorded in Israel, Germany, Holland, Belgium and New Zealand.

Conductor: Nadav Ziv








  "Partners in Praise" Girls Choir from Minneapolis, MN, USA

Formed in 1994 to perform in the Broadway production of “Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat”, Partners in Praise Girls Choir is celebrating 24 seasons of choral excellence. The choir exists to empower young girls to find themselves, their confidence and their potential through music. The choir attracts young women from the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul communities of Minnesota, and they are immersed in a stimulating variety of musical styles, with an emphasis on world music. Partners in Praise Girls Choir has received critical acclaim in international competition, and has appeared on concert stages world – wide: Australia, Greece, Italy, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Spain, England, Costa Rica, Ireland, Canada, as well as throughout the USA.

A passionate singer, conductor and music educator, Julia Fahey is the founder and artistic director of the internationally acclaimed Partners in Praise Girls Choir. Currently on the Faculty of Visitation School and St. Thomas Academy in Mendota Heights, MN, Ms. Fahey is in high demand as a guest conductor and clinician; she has had the privilege to conduct ACDA – MN Choirs, as well as serve as vocal coach for the 2015 All – State Women’s Chorus. Ms. Fahey’s choirs have been chosen to perform at numerous ACDA, MMEA, NCEA state conferences, the 2016 NC – ACDA regional conference, and the 50th anniversary ISME Conference, held in the Canary Islands.

Conductor: Julia Fahey







  The “Alexander Petrosyan” National Technical University Chamber Choir from Kharkiv, Ukraine

The “Alexander Petrosyan” National Technical University Chamber Choir was founded in Kharkiv, Ukraine, in the fifties of the last century. Since then the Choir has been a regular participant in various concerts, festivals and competitions both in Ukraine and abroad. The Choir’s repertoire includes classical, church, Ukrainian traditional and other ethnic music, as well as pieces by contemporary authors. The group enjoys travelling, receiving guests, learning new music and establishing new musical partnerships with other choirs. The choir mostly consists of University students, both former (alumni back in the 80’s) and active scholars. Despite being Science-oriented, all the choir members adore singing, which makes it their primary spare-time activity.

Conductors: Maxim Sidorov, Ruslana Sidorova








 Coro Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (UNAB), Bucaramanga Colombia

The Universidad Autónoma de Bucaramanga (UNAB) Choir was founded along with the Music Faculty and has a well-known trajectory of more than two decades. Made up of students and graduates from several programs, UNAB Choir has established itself as one of the best choral groups in the country. Conducted by Prof. Rafael Ángel Suescún Mariño, it has been awarded in important competitions and festivals around the world. Countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Spain, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany have acclaimed their outstanding performances that includes Colombian and Latin American folklore, as well as works ranging from the Renaissance period to contemporary times.
Prof. Rafael Ángel Suescún Mariño is a graduate of Universidad Industrial de Santander, UIS, with a Bachelor in Music. He got a Master’s degree in Latin American Musicology from Universidad Central of Venezuela, UCV, institution that granted him the distinction "Honorable Mention". He also belonged to UIS Choir during eight years as a chorister and Assistant Director of Prof. Gustavo Gómez Ardila. He has participated in various meetings with world renowned masters. Currently he is the UNAB Choir Conductor, Coordinator and Dean of UNAB

Conductor: Rafael Ángel Suescún Mariño








Female Vocal Ensemble “Res miranda” from Novi Sad, Serbia

Female vocal ensemble “Res miranda” consists of eight members. Motivated by their common love for vocal music and refine chamber choir sound, they want to enrich and refresh their cultural environment, to promote the choral sound, and to participate in festivals and competitions at home and abroad. The ensemble's repertoire is diverse, spanning from different epochs and styles to popular music arrangements. The ensemble has participated in two international choir competitions so far. At Ohrid Choir Festival in 2016 it was rewarded the 1st Prize and won the Special Award for the best repertoire. In the International Choir Championship in Tuzla, 2017, “Res miranda” won the 1st Prize and the Grand Prix in the category of vocal ensembles, as well as the Special Award for the best performance of a sacred piece. Since 2017, the ensemble has been directed by Dunja Huzjan.
Dunja Huzjan was born in 1985 in Novi Sad and graduated from the Academy of Arts of Novi Sad, Department of Music, with the program of study General Music Pedagogy. In the field of choral music she developed her skills through the following choral workshops: the Eurochoir in 2013 (Hungary) and in 2014 (France), the Summer School in Dartington, England in 2010, as well as the “Europa Cantat” Festival in the Netherlands, in 2009. She attended the conducting workshops at the same Festival held in 2012 in Italy and in 2015 in Hungary. Currently, she works as an accompanist at the Ballet School in Novi Sad. She is also the conductor of the Mixed Choir of the Slovenian Society “Kredarica” of Novi Sad and the Children’s Choir of the Academic Culture and Art Society “Sonja Marinković”, as well as the female vocal ensemble “Res miranda”.

Conductor: Dunja Huzjan







Chamber Choir “Helü” from Tartu, Estonia

The Chamber Choir “Helü” was founded in 2004. Initially a project-based choir, it has grown into a tightly knit group of people who enjoy coming together to sing every week. The choir gathers in the South Estonian town of Tartu and its name Helü means “sound” in local dialect.
Helü has a varied repertoire, including music by Estonian classical and contemporary composers like Arvo Pärt, Veljo Tormis, Cyrillus Kreek, Tõnu Kõrvits, Pärt Uusberg, as well as works by foreign composers Ralph Vaughan Williams, Jaakko Mäntyjärvi, Eric Whitacre, Eriks Ešenvalds, Jake Runestad etc.
Helü has successfully taken part in several competitions in Estonia and elsewhere. In 2016, the choir participated in the prestigious Llangollen International Musical Eisteddfod in Wales and returned with 2nd prize in the mixed choir category. In 2017, Helü won the 3rd prize in the chamber choir's category at International Choir Festival “Tallinn 2017”.
Chief conductor of Helü is Küllike Joosing. She graduated from Heino Eller Tartu Music College as a choir conductor in 1996 and from the Estonian Academy of Music in the conducting class in 2001. Küllike Joosing is a member of board of Estonian Mixed Choirs Association. In addition to Helü, she also conducts Tartu Students’ Choir and “E Stuudio” Children’s Choir. At 2016 Estonian Chamber Choir Festival, she was awarded as the festival’s best conductor.

Conductor: Küllike Joosing







Polyphonic Choir of Mytilene from Mytilene, Lesvos island Greece

The choir, named Mytilene Choir “Nikos Skalkotas” began its course in 1995 directed by its founder, Mr. Giorgos Pazaitis. In 2004 it became a non-profitable society and since then it has given several concerts in different cities in Greece and abroad and has also participated in international festivals and competitions. In 2005 the choir won 1st prize and the golden medal in the Pan-Hellenic Competition of the Choir Youth Orchestra, while in 2008 and 2010 at the 5th and 6th Choral Olympics in Austria and China respectively, it won the bronze medal in the mixed choir “a cappella” category. It has also participated in concerts in Smyrna, Syros, Chios, Larissa, Thessaloniki and Rethymnon.
In 2018 the choir was renamed “The Polyphonic Choir of Mytilene”. Since 2012, the choir has been directed by Mr. Stylianos Laskaridis.
Stylianos Laskaridis is an outstanding graduate of the music studies department of the Aristotelian University of Thessaloniki, where he studied composition in the class of Michalis Lapidakis. He lives and works in Mytilene as a music teacher at the Mytilene Special Needs High School. He has been involved in choral singing as a choir conductor of several choirs and since November 2012 he has been conducting the Polyphonic Choir of Mytilene. As a composer his works have been performed in concerts at the Athens Concert Hall and the Thessaloniki Concert Hall, while he has received distinctions and awards at Pan-Hellenic contests.

Conductor: Stylianos Laskaridis






 Children´s Choir "Pro Musica – Magnόlia" from Michalovce, Slovakia 

“Pro Musica – Magnólia” Children’s Choir is a combination of the choirs “Pro Musica”, which was established at the Basic Art School of Michalovce in 1998, and “Magnólia”, which was founded at the Basic Art School of Sobrance in 1985, that were united in 2010. In the concerts, the choir consists of 60 children, aged 9 – 17 years and is conducted by their founder and artistic manager, Mrs. Viera Džoganova.
The choir has won many prestigious prizes around the world and has taken part in many international choral festivals in Europe (Czech Republic, Belgium, Greece, Italy, Finland, Spain, Great Britain, France, etc) and in the USA; in 2015 the choir won the Serenade Choral Festival in Washington, DC and they realised two concert tours in Mexico. The choir won in the category of sacred music in “Claudio Monteverdi” Choral Festival and Competition in Venice, in 2016.
Viera Džoganova – graduated at the Conservatory of Košice in 1980 in department of the accordion playing. By the further study in 1987 – 1990 she became qualified for children’s choir conducting. She graduated the Pedagogical Faculty of the Catholic University of Ružomberok . At present she has been working as an accordion teacher, artistic director and conductor of two childrens’ choirs - “Pro Musica” in Michalovce and “Magnólia” in Sobrance.

Conductor: Viera Džoganova







"Ron Meitar" Choral Ensemble from Meitar, Israel

“Ron Meitar” Choral Ensemble
Made the desert bloom when they established the group in Meitar, the area where Abraham dwelled, breaking the silence of the dessert with the sounds of life, creativity and poetry.
From the early days of the community, it has been an inseparable part of the life and culture in Meitar. The group represents Meitar at festivals and conferences in Israel and abroad and has already recorded three albums.
For the past year and a half, it has been operating under the direction of the conductor and musical director, Shalom Ohayon and has embarked on a new show called “Window to the Mediterranean”, in which the group presents a selection of Hebrew songs based on well-known Greek melodies that are much loved in Israel.

Conductor: Shalom Ohayon







Children's choir "Lastivka" from Kyiv, Ukraine

The children's choir "Lastivka" (or “Swallow”) was found in spring 2005 by the House for Children and Youth Creativity in the Holosiivski district ov Kiev. The choir was started by and works under the leadership of Oksana Ursatii. The choir works on the principle of choral studying with young choristers partaking in extracurricular choral singing and academic singing, while the choir studies both solfeggio and the piano. The team consists of three choirs:
Preparatory Choir - children of 4-5 years;
Junior Choir - children of 6-10 years;
Elder (Concert) Choir - children of 10-18 years;

"Lastivka" is in fact a large choral family, with seven teachers and more than 150 children. It has won awards at many national and international competitions, such as:
• Two first places in the categories of children’s choirs and sacred music at the 47th International Choral Festival in Miedzyzdroje (Międzyzdroje, Poland),
• First place and “Best Choir” at the 36th International Children's Choir Festival "George Frederick Handel" (Halle, Germany),
• First place in the Children’s Choirs category and Grand Prix at “Gavriil Musicescu” 5th International Choir Music Youth Contest Festival (Iasi, Romania),

In 2014, "Lastivka" published its first audio disc: “Benjamin Britten, Missa brevis; A Ceremony of Carols”.

Conductor: Oksana Ursatii







Female choir "Makeblijde" from Zele , Belgium

“Makeblijde” was founded in 1943 by Josée Standaert. In its long history, the choir has taken part in numerous projects and exchanges, while it has performed all over Europe. Also, they have given a gala concert for the “King Baudouin Foundation”, in the presence of Prince and Princess of Belgium Philippe and Mathilde.
They have participated in many competitions both in their country and abroad, winning plenty of prizes, the most recent of which are:
• The highest prize with a 97.66 % score at the Istanbul Chorus Festival & Competition, Turkey 2012;
• Second prize in the equal voices’ category and the audience prize, at the international choir competition of Maasmechelen, Belgium 2013;
• Grand Prix and the special price for the performance of the compulsory work, at the international competition of Vilnius, Lithuania 2016.

Filip Haentjens has studied clarinet, chamber music, music theory and transposition at the Music Conservatory of Ghent while has received a higher degree in clarinet and a First Prize bass clarinet at the Royal Flemish Conservatory in Antwerp. There, he also studied choir direction, electronic music composition, MIDI and recording techniques
Currently, he is a clarinet and instrumental ensemble teacher at the Academy of Lokeren. He regularly gives concerts with several ensembles. Having his own recording studio, he also works as a sound engineer, arranger and composer.

Conductor: Filip Haentjens






Girls’ Choir "Skowronki" from Poznań, Poland

Girls’ Choir "Skowronki" from Poznań, Poland was established in 1950. Its repertoire rediscovers and promotes works of various composers from different periods as well as containing pieces composed especially for the choir. It has taken part in numerous festivals and choral workshops in Poland and abroad and co-operates with the Poznań Philharmonic Orchestra. It has won many prizes in European choir competitions of which the most important are:
• The Grand Prix of National Choir Tournament “Legnica Cantat” (2007),
• the Grand Prix of International Choir Competition in Ohrid, FYROM (2011),
• The Grand Prix of Freamunde International Choir Competition in Portugal (2016),
• And, the Grand Prix of International Choir Festival “InCanto Mediterraneo” in Milazzo, Sicily (2017).
It tours regularly and has performed in Germany, Holland, Belgium, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Hungary, Croatia, FYROM, France, Spain, Great Britain, Denmark, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Italy, Portugal, Israel and in the United States. The Choir is directed and creatively inspired by the conductor, educator and choral music aficionado Alicja Szeluga.

Conductor: Alicja Szeluga







Mixed Choir of the Women’s Society of Thrakomacedones from Thrakomacedones, Attiki Greece

The Mixed Choir of the Women’s Society of Thrakomacedones was founded in 2003 by the director Stavros Piotopoulos. Until 2011 it operated under the auspices of the Cultural Center of Thrakomacedones, while since 2012 the Women’s Society of Thracomacedones took over its operation. Its members are amateurs filled with love for music and choir singing and its repertoire includes works of Greek and foreign composers, as well as works from national traditional music.
It has participated in many concerts at theThrakomacedones Cultural Center dedicated to Greek composers, such as Xarchakos, Chatzidakis etc, but also to Ionian Poets, rebetiko and others. Also, it has performed all over Greece. It participated in the Closing Ceremony of 2004 Paralympics, while in 2005 it realized its first TV appearance, with a Special Episode about Minor Asia.
Since May 2013 it has been organizing a Choir Festival that has already become a main event in the Greek Choral Music society, while since March 2014 it has been member of the Hellenic Choir Association.
Stavros Piotopoulos has studied music (the accordion and theory). He got a degree in choir direction in 2001, working with the conductor Kostis Konstantaras. Also, he has attended several music pedagogic seminars as well as seminars concerning monody and art history. Since 2001 he has been directing the choirs of the Municipal Conservatory of Ag. Varvara, while since 2012 he has been conducting the Mixed Choir of the Women’s Society of Thrakomacedones. He has cooperated in concerts with well-known artists/singers such as Vassilis Lekkas, Kostas Thomaidis, etc., but also with actors, such as Giannis Papagiannis, Grigoris Valtinos and others. He was the director of the choirs of the Municipalities of Thracomacedones and Holargos, while he was a founding member of the choir “Fons Muiscalis”, where he participated as a tenor.

Conductor: Stavros Piotopoulos








Mixed Choir "Educatus" of the Pedagogical University in Krakow, Poland

Mixed Choir “Educatus” of the Pedagogical University in Krakow started its activity in April 2000 on the initiative of prof. Adam Korzeniowski, who has been the conductor and artistic director of the choir. “Educatus” is not only an academic collectivity but also a group of friends with passion for music which thrives thanks to the wonderful atmosphere created by the conductor and members.
Its repertoire contains music from different epochs and styles. It represents the University on various festivals, contests, and concerts in Poland as well as abroad. It has given numerous concerts and participated in prestigious events, such as the 7th pastoral visit of Pope John Paul II to Poland in 2002. Throughout the 17 years of its existence, the choir has won numerous awards, attending competitions in Poland as well as abroad. Greece, Spain, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Lithuania, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, France are the places which they have visited, having the chance to collect memories and gain experience, which flourishes in every succeeding artistic season.

Conductor: Adam Korzeniowski







Children’s choir of Private Primary School “Ellinoagliki Agogi” from Maroussi, Attiki Greece

Children’s choir of Private Primary School “Ellinoagliki Agogi” was established in 2002. It consists of 45 students, aged 7-12 years old who represent their school each year to numerous events (theatrical plays, national anniversaries, special music tributes, choir festivals, choir competitions, Christmas events in malls etc.). The choir’s repertoire includes Greek and foreign composers’ songs, for one or two voices, as well as traditional songs from all over the world. The purpose of the choir is the acquisition of music experience, knowledge and socialization, cooperation, expression and having fun. Mrs. Eleftheria Voulgari was the Choral Director of the choir until 2011. For the past 6 years, Mrs. Eleftheria Voulgari and Mr. Giorgos Sitotis are co-directing the choir.
Eleftheria Voulgari has obtained Diplomas in Piano, Music Composition, Choir Conducting, and a MA Diploma in Music Psychology in Education from the University of Sheffield, England. She is the author of published articles, some of which she has also presented at International and other Conferences. She is a member of Greek Association of Primary Music Education and a fundamental member of the Greek Association of Choir and Orchestral Conductors. She is a music teacher at the Private Primary School “Ellinoagliki Agogi” and she conducts its choir. She also directs the child, youth and mixed choirs of the municipality of Lykovrisi - Pefki as well as a choir for the elderly in the municipality of Vrilisia.
Georgios Sitotis holds a BA in Music Studies (2003) from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a MEd in Modeling Design and Development of Educational Units (2016) from Aegean University, Rhodes. He has studied choral and orchestral conducting with Georgios Aravidis and Faidra Giannelou and has attended master classes of orchestral and choral conducting with Michalis Economou, Thania Kyriakidou, Matthew Legakis, Michalis Patseas, Ragnar Rasmussen, Ursa Lah, Antonis Kontogeorgiou, Miltos Logiadis, Zoltan Pad, Katalin Kiss and Peter Erdei. In September 2017, he was voted by the Athens Symphony Orchestra as one of the best new conductors during the 9th Conducting Master class held by the ASO. He has been teaching music in Primary schools for 14 years and he is the director of the children’s choir of “Trovadouroi Kifisias” and the children’s choir of the Private Primary School “Ellinoagliki Agogi”.

Conductors:  Eleftheria Voulgari and Georgios Sitotis







Female Choir "Trimontium" from Plovdiv, Bulgaria

The Female Choir “Trimontium” was established in 1965 in the city of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The choir has been very successful in its long-lasting existence. It has won a great number of diplomas and awards obtained in several competitions, some of which are; third prize and bronze medal in the International Chorus Competition in Varna, gold medals in the 6th and 7th National Festival of Choirs and First place in the equal voices’ category in the 4th International choir Festival “Music and Sea”, in Paralia, Greece (2015).
It has an abundant and varied repertoire. An important part of it is occupied by works on Bulgarian folklore music, created by the most famous Bulgarian composers and works of orthodox and Western European composers. It has performed in Germany, Italy, Greece, Spain, Hungary, France, Austria, Croatia and Montenegro. Since 2010, the choir has been directed by Vanya Atanasova.
Vanya Atanasova graduated from Plovdiv Academy of Music, Dance and Fine Arts in 1979, where she received Master degree of Music. She studied conducting with Professor Vasilika Spasova and afterwards attended a choral conducting course lead by prof. Kr. Chetinyan. She has been awarded the honorary badge of Plovdiv for her achievements in music. The choir is accompanied on the piano by Mrs. Diana Kaneva. She is a recipient of the Budge of Plovdiv for achievements in music.

Conductor: Vanya Atanasova






Polyphonic choir of Alexandria’s Municipality "Alexandrian Voices" from Alexandria Imathia, Greece

“Alexandrian Voices” is the mixed, polyphonic choir of the Municipality of Alexandria. It was founded in 1998 and consists of 50 amateur singers. Its repertoire contains many kinds of music, especially Greek composers, folk music and baroque. It has given concerts both in Greece and abroad and it has won several prizes, while in 2002 and in 2003 it was honored with a golden medal by UNESCO and the Greek Orthodox Church, respectively. The choir is conducted by Eleni Theodoridou and it is accompanied on the piano by Kostas Pantelidis.
Eleni Theodoridou has graduated the “Conservatory of Northern Greece” where she studied theory of music and piano. She has conducted the Choirs of the “Choral Center of Alexandria’s Municipality”, “Melissanthi” Girls choir and “Alexandrian Voices” since 1988 and the Youth choir of “Mandoulides School” since 2002. She also teaches German in the department of Lyric Song, Opera and Melodrama Art in the State Conservatory of Thessaloniki.
She has cooperated with the Greek composers Dionysis Savvopoulos, Dionysis Tsaknis, Giorgos Chatzinasios and Evanthia Reboursika.

Conductor:  Eleni Theodoridou






"Dnipro" Choir of the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine

“Dnipro” Choir of the “Taras Shevchenko” National University of Kyiv is one of the oldest choirs in Ukraine, сelebrating its 175th anniversary in 2018. The first choir group was founded in 1843. The university choir was originally founded as a church choir, which later on became secular. In its lifelong existence, it has had an important role in the cultural awakening of Ukraine and its people.
During the last years it continues to successfully compete with professional and amateur choirs both on national and international scales, participating in numerous festivals and competitions in Ukraine, Belarus, Poland, Lithuania, Slovakia, France, Germany, Switzerland and Italy.
Its repertoire includes works of national and world classics, liturgical choral works, Ukrainian folk songs and contemporary music. United by love for music and high musical standards and through international exchanges, the Dnipro Choir raises strong awareness of Ukrainian tradition, modern choral art and the different cultures. Since 2009 the choir is led by Iryna Dusheiko while the composer Ihor Tylyk is its choirmaster.
Iryna Dusheiko graduated from “R. Glier” Kyiv Institute of Music, class of choir conducting, in 1993. In 1998 she graduated from Kyiv National University of Culture. In 2001 Iryna completed postgraduate studies in Kyiv National University of Culture and Arts, department of music pedagogy. Since 2009, she has been the artistic director and chief conductor of the “Dnipro” Choir of the “Taras Shevchenko” National University of Kyiv.

Conductor: Iryna Dusheiko







Choir "Emmeleia" from Limassol, Cyprus

The Women’s choir ‘’Emmelia’’ is an autonomous section of the homonymous mixed choir and started its activity in January 2016. It has participated in several artistic events, the most important of which was the Christmas concert ‘’Classy, Brassy Christmas’’ on 27th and 28th December 2016 in Nicosia and Limassol, respectively. Its repertoire consists of international classic works, mostly of the 20th and 21st century, as well as arrangements of Greek and Cyprian Folk songs, great art music and foreign pop music.
Eleni Kyprianou studied Choir Direction at the Conservatory of Sofia in Bulgaria and she owns Masters in Choral Direction, Theoretics – Music pedagogy and Solo Instruction from the “Liszt Ferenc” Music Academy of Budapest, Hungary. Since 1996 she has been working as a music instructor in High Schools. She has conducted the choir of the Music High School of Pafos, the choir of the Music Grammar School of Pafos, the choirs of the Cultural Association ‘’Epilogi’’ of Limassol and the choirs of the Cultural Association ‘’Emmelia’’. She has participated in international masterclasses on choral direction (Poland, Bulgaria, and Greece).

Conductor : Eleni Kyprianou