1st International Choral Conductors' Competition




On the occasion of its 40th anniversary, the Preveza Choral Festival is organizing the biennial International Competition of Choral Conductors. Which will take place during the 4th-5th July 2022. In a wonderful atmosphere and ambience, ten selected conductors will showcase their skills of working with top Greek choirs Children’s Choir ‘’Armonia’’ Preveza, Voci Contra Tempo and Ambitus Choir. The competition will take place at Cultural Centre of Holy Metropolis and be judged by a jury of seven internationally renowned conductors.




  1. Participation


The competition is open for choral conductors born after July 1987. 

Competition is organized in three rounds:

  • Children Choir (1st Round), 
  • Female Choir (2nd Round), 
  • Mixed Choir (3rd Round-Finale).


Official language of the competition is English. 

Competition is open to a public audience (except the afternoon rehearsal with the choir for the final concert). Competitors can not attend the round in the hall if competing.


  1. Application materials


Deadline for application: May 6th, 2022.

Required documents:

By email prevezachoralfestival@gmail.com

  • CV (biography)
  • An interesting picture in high resolution 


By post or WeTransfer to prevezachoralfestival@gmail.com

  • A DVD of a concert and a rehearsal - the choir conducted by the competitor.

The conductor has to be clearly seen, not only from far away.

The recording should be at least 15 minutes long. Recording day may not be prior to July 4th, 2020. 

  • Recommendation letter of a conducting professor or a reputable choral expert or the national choral organization in your country




  1. Members of the jury and work of the jury

The jury will consist of 7 esteemed members, choral music experts from Greece and from abroad. 


President of the jury:

Gary Graden (USA, Sweden)


Members of the jury:

Vytautas Miškinis (Lithuania)

Theodora Pavlovitch (Bulgaria)

Javier Busto (Spain)

Ambrož Čopi (Slovenia)

Rosie Mastrosavva (Greece)

Aggeliki Ploka (Greece)


Every member of the jury will score the choir with a numerical estimate up to 100 points in each Round. Taken into account when evaluating: the manual technique of the conductor, concept of the rehearsal with the choir, interpretation, contact with the choir.

The performance in the finals will consist of the evaluation of the jury and the choir.

Namely in the ratio of the jury 80%, the choir 20%.


  1. The declarations of the results

The names of the participants will be announced two hours after the end of each round. The results of the competition will be publicly announced after the final concert of the competition. The decisions of the jury are final. Appeals are not possible. Each conductor will also receive a written opinion of the performance from each member of the jury.



Special offer (50% off for active participants of Choral Conductors Competition of Preveza)


The 5th Seminar / Masterclass 4th-6th of July 2022 will also take place during the Choral Conductors Competition, where participants will be able to meet composers (Javier Busto, Ambrož Čopi, Vytautas Miškinis, Salvo Gangi, Giuseppe de Rosa) and upgrade their interpretations with members of the international jury.



MONDAY, July 4th, 2022


9:00 a.m. Arrival, registration.

10:00 a.m. Draw of order.

10:30 a.m. I. Elimination round (Children’s Choir ‘’Armonia’’ Preveza).

2:30 p.m. Announcement of competitors for Semi-finals. Draw of order and compositions for Semi-finals.

6:00 p.m. II. Semi-finals (Female Choir Voci Contra Tempo).

9:00 p.m. Announcement of competitors for finals. Draw of order and compositions for finals.


TUESDAY, July 5th, 2021


3:00 p.m.  III. Finals / part 1 - Rehearsal with Ambitus Choir.

8:30 p.m.  III. Finals / part 2 – PUBLIC CONCERT (Ambitus Choir).


WEDNESDAY, July 6th, 2021




*The organizer holds the right to make changes in the schedule according to the number of participants in each category. The other participants will be informed of any changes in time.





All the participants will receive a diploma of participation. Special diplomas for participation in Semi-finals and Finals will be also given.





  1. PLACE 1.000,00€, the festival medal and diploma 


  1. PLACE 700,00€, the festival medal and diploma 


  1. PLACE 500,00€, the festival medal and diploma 


In case there is a number of conductors that achieve the same number of points, the monetary prize will be equally distributed among them.



The jury can award:

  • Special Award for the most inspiring conductor,
  • Special Award for well-thought-out pedagogic approachwith the choir (1st and 2nd Round),
  • Special Award to themost perspective young conductor (born after July 1997) of the competition,
  • Special Award the best performance of obligatory composition (Finals),
  • Special Award to the best Greek conductor.


By prepositions of the jury, additional prizes may be awarded.



for the most charismatic choral conductor at the Final concert of the 1st International Choral Conductors Competition of Preveza 2022, chosen by the Ambitus Choir (practical prize).





MONDAY, July 4th, 2022 at 11:00 a.m.

Rehearsal with Children’s Choir ‘’Armonia’’, Preveza (conductor Anelia Stefanova)


Max. 10 participants

Each participant conducts the compulsory piece (no rehearsing) and rehearses for 12 minutes the composition for rehearsal. 


List of compositions:


Obligatory piece: 

Manos Hatzidakis (1925-1994)  Arr. Panos Kosmidis (1990):



Composition for rehearsal:

Tine Bec (1993): MISSA PRO JUVENTUTE (Kyrie, Gloria), Ed. Astrum



MONDAY, July 4th, 2022 at 6:0 0 p.m.

Rehearsal with Female Choir Voci Contra Tempo (conductor Sofia Gioldasi)


Max. 5 participants

Each participant conducts the obligatory composition (no rehearsing) and rehearses for 20 minutes new composition Crucifixus and one of four compositions drawn by lot. 


List of compositions:


Obligatory piece: 

Robert Schumann (1810-1856): DER WASSERMAN (Justinus Kerner), Braitkopf & Härtel


Compositions for rehearsal


Giuseppe de Rosa (1973): CRUCIFIXUS, Ed Astrum

1st Award winning composition of International Composers Competition of Preveza 2022 (Category B)


drawn by lot:


Javier Busto (1949): SANCTUS (from Missa Augusta), Ed Bustovega

Vytautas Miškinis (1954): AVE REGINA COELORUM, Ed. Ferrimontana

Miklos Koscar (1933-2019): O VOS OMNES, Kodály Intézet



TUUSDAY, July 5th, 2022 at 3:00 p.m. 


PART 1 - Rehearsal with Ambitus Choir (conductor Katerina Vassilikou)

(without jury and public)


3 participants

Each participant has 75 minutes time for rehearsal (no jury) to prepare obligatory composition and three of nine other compositions drawn by lot.


List of compositions: 


Obligatory composition:

Salvo Gangi (1974): HODIE CHRISTUS NATUS EST, Ed Astrum

1st Award winning composition of International Composers Competition of Preveza 2022 (Category A)


Three compositions drawn by lot.


Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611): VERE LANGUORES NOSTROS, G. Schirmemr, Inc.

Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611): JESU DULCIS MEMORIA, Oxford University Press

Tomas Luis de Victoria (1548-1611): O MAGNUM MYSTERIUM, CPDL



Sergej Rachmaninov (1873-1943): BOGORODITSE DJEVO, Boosey & Hawkes Music Publications

Anton Bruckner (1824-1896): LOCUS ISTE, Oxford University Press

Gioachino Rossini (1792-1868): O SALUTARIS HOSTIA, Oxford University Press


20th century

Francis Poulenc (1899-1963): SALVE REGINA, Ed Salbert

Maurice Durufle (1902-1986): UBI CARITAS, Ed Durand

Pablo Casals (1876-1973): O VOS OMNES, Tetra Music Corporation


TUESDAY, July 5th, 2022 at 8:30 p.m. 


PART 2 - Public concert with Ambitus Choir 

Each participant performs obligatory composition and three compositions, rehearsed in the afternoon with Ambitus Choir.


Demonstrative Choirs


The Children’s Choir “Armonia” of Preveza was founded in 1983 by the conductor Mr Andronikos Kourouklis and it is a section of the Choral Society “Armonia” of Preveza. Other conductors of the choir who greatly contributed to its brilliant course and success were Stavros Solomos and Valentin Stefanov. Since 1994, the choir has been directed by Anelia Stefanova. During its existence the choir has been awarded 2 first, 2 second and 2 third prizes in International Choral Competitions (Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary) and it has also been awarded twice as the best Greek Children’s choir in the International Choral Festival of Athens. It regularly performs in festivals both in Greece (Ioannina, Agrinio, Katerini, Kefalonia, Ermioni, Athens, Patras, Igoumenitsa, Parga, etc., Olympic Games ATHENS 2004) and abroad (International Choral Festival "Aram Khatsaturian" in Haskovo (Bulgaria, 2003), International Festival in Rome (Italy, 2008), Easter Festival of Moscow (Russia, 2017) while it has participated in premiers of works and cooperated with renowned orchestras and soloists.

Members of Voci Contra Tempo are classically trained singers who are passionate about choral music.  The core of the ensemble consists of 16 members, but varies in size according to the needs of each individual project. Even though the ensemble has been active for a short time, it has already made an impact in the Greek and international choral music scene. Voci Contra Tempo has collaborated with Thessaloniki’s State Symphony Orchestra, among others, presenting some of the main works for female choir, such as The Planets by Gustav Holst and Les Sirènes from Claude Debussy’s Nocturnes. They have performed at important venues such as the Thessaloniki Megaron Concert Hall and the historical Parnassus Athens Hall. In August 2021 the ensemble made its international debut after having been invited to participate in some of the most prestigious choral festivals in Europe: the “Guido d’Arezzo International Choral Festival” and the “Incontro Internazionale Polifonico ‘Città di Fano’”. The choir has been directed by Sofia Gioldasi.

Ambitus Choir was formed in 2002 and is a founding member of the Hellenic Choirs Association. It is composed of Lycée Léonin N.Smirni alumni and lovers of choral music. It has participated and excelled in national and international competitions as a mixed or equal-voice ensemble, earning gold medals, Grand Prix, and special awards. Its repertory is comprised of a wide range of Western and Greek music, early throughout to contemporary. Ambitus has collaborated with prominent Greek orchestras and conductors. It has participated in studio recordings of contemporary works of Greek composers, while it has been the practice choir for the maestro seminar of the famous Greek conductor Miltos Logiadis. Ambitus has presented the first performances of selected songs of the Greek Choir Composers Competition that has been organized by the “Hellenic Choir Association”. The Choir was awarded with Gold Diploma on First Prizes at several domestic and international competitions (2nd International Festival of Florence (Italy, 2013), 56th International Competition “Habaneras y Polifonía”, Torrevieja, (Spain, 2010), 2nd International Competition “Musica Sacra a Roma”, (Italy, 2010), 2nd Kalamata International Choir Competition, (Greece, 2017), 3rd International Choir Competition, Nafplio, Greece, (2016), 22nd International Sacred Choral Music Competition, Preveza, (Greece, 2016)). The choir has been directed by Katerina Vassilikou.




1. Application fee

100 EUR (non-refundable), to be paid upon the application to the account:


Choral society “Armonia” of Preveza

Account number: 448/480188-16

Swift Code – Bic: ETHNGRAA

IBAN: GR 7201 1044 8000 0044 8480 18816

After receiving the transfer, we will send the candidate an invoice for the paid registration fee.


2. Accommodation and food costs

Participants will have to cover the cost of the accommodation and food by themselves. Several hotels, pensions and hostels will be available. We will publish a list in May and we will ask you to book directly.   


3. Transportation costs

Transportation costs are covered by participants themselves.


4. Photos, audio and video rights

All audio and video rights belong to the organizer of the competition. The choirs receive no compensation for their performance, however, they receive a video and photos of their performance.




  1. The organizer is not responsible for any possible accidents, losses, theft and such, during the competition and the choirs’ stay in Preveza.
  2. Official language of the competition is English.
  3. With the application, the conductors confirm that they accept the conditions of the competition.
  4. The organization committee holds the right to change the conditions of the competition upon unexpected circumstances. The organization committee must inform the participating ensembles of such changes in writing.