Transportation, Accomodation,Food


Each choir is responsible for all matters related to the organization, booking and payment of all accommodation and meals during their stay in Preveza. A comprehensive list of specially negotiated accommodation options in varied price ranges (including hotels, guest houses and restaurants) will be provided to all choirs selected to participate in our festival. The festival is not responsible for any booking issues that may arise.


Inspite of belonging to the Greek mainland, Preveza has an islandish character. And since having numerous kinds of touristic facilities, it is a destination ideal for people of many different economic back rounds.


So if you are looking for something of high standards (usually provided by hotels), you should ask for information at the following links:

“Kalamitsi” Hotel

Boutique Hotel “Dioni”

Hotel “Alonaki Beach”

Hotel “Avra”

Hotel “Minos”

Hotel “Preveza City”

Hotel “Urania”

Hotel Margarona Royal


                Another option concerning accommodation is the numerous apartments at several points of the city, such as:

“Alexandros” Apartments



Apostolidis Apartments Pantokratoras

Apartments Margarita Kalamitsi


Prodormodis Apartments

Retsinas Apartments Pantokratoras

Thomas Studios Apartments

Senia Apartments

Villa Pap Sudios




                Last but not least, you could look for accommodation at the several Airbnb’s options which are located at different parts of the town, but since Preveza is small, all festival venues are at a walking distance.


Concerning feeding there are many restaurants and taverns at the historical centre of the town where you could find European but also traditional dishes made of fresh ingredients and local products. Otherwise for something cheaper you could try pita – gyros, souvlaki, pizza or fast food. Some of the options are:

Dimotikó kafeneío “Loutrá”

“Elvis” Fast Food


Tavérna "Apágkio"

Tavérna "Esperísma"

Tavérna "Filippas"

Tavérna "I Préveza"

Tavérna "I psátha"

Tavérna "i trelí garída"

Tavérna "Mýthos"

Tavérna "To rempétiko stéki"

Tavérna "To tempelhaneio"


Tavérna "to vathý"

Tavérna “Sympósio”

Tavérna Gáfa

Tavérna Ouzerí “O Kaïxís”

Tratoria “Al Pesto”


Finally, if breakfast is not provided at your accommodation, you could have breakfast even light meal or dinner at some of the cafés in the city port centre, such as:

Metropolis Café

Café “Profil”

“MaRkus espresso winebar”

“Tapia Foros”

Diem espresso bar

ALILA tales & spirits

Kyani Akti seaside bar resto