Newsletter March 2020


Dear friends,

The Preveza International Choral Festival monitors the developments on the pandemic by COVID-19 and informs responsibly that there is no reason to postpone or cancel the festival, which will normally take place in our city from July 6 to July 12, 2020.

Greece treats the endemic crisis with great care and readily agrees with all the advice of experts. We believe that the conduct of our festival will not be affected at all, since there is plenty of time until it takes place. After all, its period is a period of ideal climatic conditions (summer), where according to the scientific community so far, the phenomenon will have woven. In addition, our town of Preveza is a small town of 30,000 inhabitants, relatively sparsely populated, with a mild Mediterranean climate, where weather conditions are contributing to the underdevelopment.

So, the Organizing Committee is regularly preparing for this year's event and we invite you to contact us for more information, or to visit our website and social media.

If anything, we will inform the community responsibly. We hope that all goes well and this crisis is overcome and we all prepare to celebrate the choral music in Preveza in July 2020.