Cancellation of the Choir Festival 2020


The Choral Society “Armonia” of Preveza, with a decision of its Board of Directors, operating with a sense of social responsibility and faithfully following the state instructions, contributes with all its strength, in the effort to mitigate the effects of the pandemic of coronavirus COVID 19, in all aspects of our social and economic life.

By faithfully implementing the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the EODY, we have made the security of EVERYONE our primary goal. Thus, the board decided today to postpone the 38th International Choir Festival of Preveza due to the conditions prevailing around the world from the pandemic of the corona COVID 19. Although the conditions in Greece are good, however the global situation does not allow festival’s realization, because it would be difficult to preserve a number of necessary constants for the realization of an international festival.

The organizing committee warmly thanks from the bottom of its heart the more than 30 choirs from all over the world who wanted to participate in our festival this year, but reasons beyond the capabilities of all of us did not help us in its realization no matter how hard we try. The global liquid economic situations, the health crisis, the inability to prepare are some of the reasons that led us to this decision.

However, we are not afraid and we are renewing our appointment for July (5-11) of 2021, where we all hope that better conditions will be created and the people will have exceeded this unprecedented crisis on many levels.

We wish you all the best and soon to celebrate choral music in its natural spaces again.