Armonia's History


Choral Society "Armonia" of Preveza was founded in 1969 by a group of musical presenters with conductor Andronikos Kourouklis, with strong love for choral music and with the aim of promoting music in the small town of Preveza. Since then, the choir has made a brilliant journey both in the country and abroad.
Main Stations in History:
- 1977, world's first performance of the project "Eleytheroi Poliorkimenoi" in music by Yannis Markopoulos and lyrics by Dionysios Solomos
- 1983, the foundation of the International Choral Festival of Preveza
- 1995, the establishment of an International Choir Competition for Religious Music
- 1999, world's first performance of the Greek masterpiece "Hymn to Freedom" in the music of Nikolaos Mantzaros and lyrics by the National Poet Dionysios Solomos
- 31/12/1999, participation in the MILLENIUM events on the sacred rock of the Acropolis, which were broadcast by satellite throughout the world by Greek Television
- 2000, Best Greek Choir of the Year
- 2004, participation in the Opening Ceremony of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games
- 2006, participation in the celebrations for the 250th anniversary of the birth of W. A. ​​Mozart at Mozarteum in Salzburg, Austria
- 2011, participation in the upcoming Carmina Burana project by Carl Orff, under the direction of great Greek-American conductor Peter Tiboris
- 2012, in collaboration with the Athens State Orchestra and the Municipal Chorus of Corfu, the Carmina Burana project by Carl Orff under the direction of Vasilis Christopoulos at an event organized for the "Smile of the Child" and attended by 3,500 spectators at the Fortress of Corfu
All these years has won 9 first prizes, 4 gold medals, 5 second awards, 9 silver medals, 3 third prizes and 7 bronze medals in competitions that participated throughout Europe. It has appeared in most cities in the Greek territory in Ireland, Sweden, France, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Libya, Turkey, Serbia, Portugal, Russia and Cyprus. From 1990 to 2016 the choir was directed by Mr. Valentin Stefanov, and from 2016 until today the Choir is headed by the conductor Mrs. Anelia Stefanova.


The Children's Choir :Armonia" of Preveza was founded in 1983 by Mr Andronikos Kourouklis. It is a part of the Choral Society "Armonia" of Preveza, founded in 1969. Its aim is to disseminate the choral ideal in the Preveza pedagogue and to prepare a suitable nursery for the mixed choir.
From 1983 to 1990, under the direction of Stavros Solomos, it began its upward course, surpassing the stage of the pre-children's choir & acquiring its own artistic substance. In 1985, at the Choir Festival of Kifissia, it received its first award (1st prize in the performance of folklore editing) and in 1990 it won the silver medal in the category of Children's Choirs at the International Choral Festival of Athens.
At the same time it organized and conducted in Preveza the 1st & 2nd Choral Workshop, under the guidance of the prominent musician Professor Stephanos Vassiliadis.
In 1988 it gave concerts in the former Czechoslovakia in 1989 and in Bulgaria.
From 1990 to 1994, the choir was directed by Valentin Stefanov, who created a department of small children, where, besides vocal preparation, they were taught theory of music & sophistication. In this way new children were admitted to the children's choir for the renewal of their living material.
Since 1994 the choir has been taken over by Anelia Stefanovova. Under her direction, the choir participated in a number of choral competitions and won awards at international competitions in Dobrich (Bulgaria), Athens International Choral Festival, Arezzo (Italy), Neuchatel (Switzerland) and Nyiregyhaza (Hungary). It is noteworthy that the Children's Choir of Preveza "ARMONIA" is the only Greek Choir that has been awarded to those two great international choir competitions.
In 1997 it collaborated with the Chamber Orchestra of Gabrovo (Bulgaria) and performed the work "Stabat Mater" by Giovanni Battista Pergolesi.
In September 1999 it presented to Kefalonia with the ensembles of ERT the work of D. Solomos "YMNOS IN ELEFTHERIAN" in music Nik. Majarou under the direction of Mr. Alkis Balta & Antonis Kontogeorgiou. Children's Choir participated in the rcording of  the project along with six other choirs. In October 1999 it presented the above project in Cyprus
On 31/12/1999 it participated in the MILLENNIUM events on the Acropolis, a program that was broadcast by satellite around the world. The event was held under the auspices of the Prime Minister and ten choirs took part from all over Greece.
In June 2003 it participated in the International Choral Festival "Aram Khatsaturian" in Haskovo (Bulgaria).
In 2004 the choir participated in the official opening ceremony of the Olympic Games ATHENS 2004 at the Olympic Stadium, as well as in the recording of the work in the Radio Spectrum of ERT, where it performed the "Olympic Hymn" by Spyros Samaras, under the Artistic Director , Mr. Miltos Logiadis .
In 2008 it participated in an International Festival in Rome, Italy, where it g
ave concerts at the Church of Agios Ignatios as well as on the outskirts of Rome. Also, during the same year, it participated in the International Music Festival of Patmos.
In 2012 childrens choir participated in the rise of C. Orff's "Carmina Burana" in Corfu, where he collaborated with the Athens State Orchestra under the direction of Vassilis Christopoulos, the Municipal Choir of Corfu "San Giacomo" and the Mixed Choir :Armonia: of Preveza at an event in the castle of Corfu, where 3,500 spectators watched it.
In 2014, it participated in the 10th Aegean Festival in Ermoupolis, Syros, where it participated in the Puccini opera operas, accompanied by a large orchestra led by the great Greek-American archbishop Peter Tiboris.
In 2015 the choir performed in the world's first performance at the Summer Academy for Children's Choir of the Ionian University of Corfu, in collaboration with the modern Greek composer Dimitra Trypani, the two great works "Once upon a Time in Paxos" and "Didymanes"
In 2016 it participated in the event "All the world ... a voice" at the "Alexandra Trianti" Hall at the Athens Music Hall, in collaboration with the choir "Rosarte" under the direction of Rosi Mastrosvava and the Polyphonic Choir of Patras under the direction of Eleni Papadopoulou.
In April 2017 Children's Choir "Armonia" of Preveza participated in the events of the Easter Festival in Moscow, representing Greece, after an invitation of the Russian Ministry of Culture.
Besides her participation abroad, the choir has appeared in most of the choral festivals in Greece (Ioannina, Agrinio, Katerini, Kefalonia, Ermioni, Athens, Patras, Igoumenitsa, Parga, etc)
As an active part of the Choral Society "Armonia" of Preveza it participates in the cultural events of our city, having a particular sensitivity on major social issues.
As a tradition, every Christmas the choir presents a great concert with Christmas songs from all over the world.
Today at the Children's Choir "Armonia" of Preveza  150 children, aged 7-17 years old, are divided into two (2) sections:
- Pre-children's choir for children 7 - 10 years old, and
- Children's choir of concerts