10+ reasons to attend ICF of Preveza


  1. The International Choral Festival of Preveza is organised by autonomous choral organisation, namely the Choral Society of Preveza «Armonia» and it is of a non-profitable character.

  2. In its frames, a very trustworthy choral competition takes place, which is attended annually by numerous choirs from all over the world. Moreover, the fact that its Jury Committee consists of globally renowned choral personalities guarantees the validity and reliability of its results, while at the same time it has a strongly educational character since the choirs’ directors get both written and oral recommendations, as well as recordings of their choir’s performance in the competition.

  3. Its educational character is even more strengthened with the realization of a choral conducting workshop by globally renowned choral conducting professors.

  4. Preveza is a safe and easily accessible town at the northern-western edge of the area of Epirus.

  5. Tourist infrastructure is rather satisfying, while prices concerning accommodation and restaurants are rather low for any economic capacity.

  6. Preveza is full of archaeological sites since it is built on the ruins of Ancient Nikopolis, the city that left its mark in ancient years, since it was built in remembrance of the naval battle which had taken place in this area (Aktio) between the forces of Antonios and Kleopatra against the forces of Octavianos August.

  7. Furthermore, not far from Preveza there lies the Necromancy of Acheron, which was of great importance in the Ancient World.

  8. Preveza is a seaside town of great beauty, with sandy beaches and clear blue sea, while its historical centre is famous for its cobbled streets.

  9. Besides, Preveza is a good basis for excursions to the globally famous touristic resorts of Parga and Lefkada, and even Corfu and Ioannina.

  10. The ICF of Preveza is of a non-profitable character; that is why the participating choirs pay only a very low fee, which covers some organizational expenses.

  11. Each choir is responsible for their own accommodation and food. So, they always get better prices according to their needs and financial capacity.

  12. The soul of the ICF of Preveza is volunteering. Every year there are more than 300 volunteers, who give their own colour and features to the organization of the festival.

  13. All the businesses of the town help and support the festival, ensuring an idyllic atmosphere which the visitors will never forget.

  14. Its events are attended by more than 5000 people annually.